Electric water pumps


Not all electric water pumps are the same. Here’s what makes ours stand out.

High Quality Self-Lubricating Carbon Steel

GMB Electric Water Pumps feature high quality Self-Lubricating Carbon Steel in many internal components to prevent oxidation, ensure smooth rotation of the shaft, lower operational noise, and also to prevent premature failure.


Precision OEM Spec Housings & Harnesses

GMB Water Pump Housings & Harnesses are manufactured to match the exact OEM material specifications. Each housing and harness is also precision measured using state of the art technology to be dimensionally correct up to a 99.99% accuracy with tight tolerance limits to ensure proper Fit, Form and Function.

Proprietary Premium Korean Laminates

GMB uses the highest quality Korean grade laminates that maintain a uniform magnetism so that each pump efficiently outputs the correct amount of power. This ensures consistent flow rates under the highest of demands your vehicle will experience.


Superior Automotive-Grade PCD Board Components

GMB Electric Water Pump are manufactured using only superior Automotive-Grade PCD Board components (capacitors, resistors, transistors, inductors, and logic chips / MCU’s) to accommodate the extreme operating temperatures your vehicle will encounter, ranging anywhere from -40°F → +248°F or higher.

Educate Your Customers About Preventative Maintenance!

Preventative maintenance is the key to maximizing the performance and durability of any electric water pump. Here’s a list of maintenance tips to share with your customers:

  1. Check fluid levels with every oil change
  2. Thoroughly empty and clean the fuel tank at installation, as well as using a brand new fuel pump strainer to maximize the Fuel Pumps’ life.
  3. Avoid the use of water in your cooling system as it lacks lubricating, cleaning, anti-rust properties, and accelerates the deterioration of the cooling system components.
  4. Avoid off brand or universal coolants as they tend to have a lower level of ethylene glycol concentration and higher levels of acidity / alkalinity which drastically reduce the lifespan of your water pump.
  5. It is recommended to replace your water pump every 60,000 miles as a preventative maintenance item to ensure your engine’s cooling system is running adequately to avoid other costly repairs.